Artisan Recording Studio

St. Louis Metro Area

Studio A

Studio A is everything that makes Artisan a world class recording studio. Rather than simply provide you with just a space to record your music project, we offer our clients facilities that encourage the creative process. Studio A houses Artisan's main tracking and mixing rooms. The control room is built around the Sony DMX-R100 console and features a great selection of outboard gear. Studio A has a terrific sounding large live room which is surrounded by three isolation rooms.

   *72 total inputs available at mix on moving faders

   *EQ and dynamic processing on all inputs and outputs

   *Touch sensitive fully automated system

   *Full recall of all console settings

   *24 channels of mic input


The DMX-R100 is derived from the world-renowned Sony OXF-R3 Oxford. The result is a mixer with a comprehensive feature set that includes 25 motorized/flying faders, a sophisticated control panel with touch-screen control, a fully integrated package of automation, a digital routing matrix and machine control. The DMX-R100 delivers excellent sonic performance via its state-of-the-art processing technology, offering 24-bit quality and the ability to operate at both standard and double sample rates (44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz). The DMX-R100 offers an extremely high level of processing power. The DMX-R100, with its stunning sound performance, operability,  and flexibility, meets the creative needs of producers, engineers, and artists from tracking to mixdown.

Studio B

Coming soon!